Marriage And Family Life: The Secret To Happiness And Fulfillment

There is a very good reason why marriage comes first before family life, at least in the title of this blog post. To raise a happy family, it must be built on a nurturing and stable marriage – a union of two people who believe that love is something to be worked out, not just felt. Kids are a reflection of the parents and their commitment to each other. Families who are built upon a struggling marriage will have a hard time strengthening itself to meet the challenges that modern society allows it to endure every day.

How to have a successful marriage


If you expect married life to be always happy and then use that level of happiness to gauge if it is working or not then you are banking on a marriage factor that will lead you to run away from it from the first sign of trouble. Life can be hard and marriage is not exempted from this reality. Successful marriages do not use happiness as a gauge for success instead use the resolve to stay together no matter what as the ultimate yard stick for fulfilling unions.

Couples who have good marriages acknowledge that it would not be easy but as the going gets tough they do all that they can to keep the marriage in working order. Nothing can tear it apart. Successful marriages persevere through the hard times and do not take for granted the good times. It does not falter and will never rely on feelings alone. The love that is present inside marriage is a decision so that when feelings run out, the decision to stay together will be enough to sustain it until feelings are revived.

Keeping a happy family

How to have a happy family? The foundation of a happy family is a fulfilled marriage. Provided the relationship between the husband and wife is strong and healthy the next steps into having a happy family is make sure that kids are engaged in play and/or conversation. For small kids dedicating a time for play give them the assurance they need from a happy and secured home. For older kids conversations get them connected to the family. Parents who listen are rewarded with kids that seek out their help first before other people. This allows for a healthy family relationship built on trust and love. Eating together as a family also helps in instilling solidarity and unity in the family. This allows families to congregate and share stories in the table.

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Taking A Stand In Today’s Shaky And Unstable World Of Employment

Jobs and careers are becoming a source of stress and insecurity for many thanks to the recent recession. There seem to be no security these days as even the most robust industries are hit hard by unemployment. No one is spared from the fear of losing everything they have overnight. How can we face the challenges of the world of employment? What can we do to make sure we get the security and fulfillment we need and want from out jobs? Here are some key points worthy to be discussed about this topic.

Sectors that will see more growth


To make sure you are in the right industry and you are riding the right wave for the next big thing in the world of business, you need to know what sectors in the American economy is seeing a bright future. Securing jobs in these industries can help you build on solid ground as far as job security is concerned. The top 10 industries in the US today include computer systems design and related services which has been showing growth for the past two years. Jumping into computer programming and IT related jobs can be a good way to have great professional prospects in the coming years. Employment services also made it to the top 10 which showed a 15% growth in the past year. More and more companies nowadays are outsourcing and it needs manpower firms to bridge them to the global pool of highly motivated employees. Beverage manufacturing, mining support services, and oilseed and grain farming also made it to the top performing industries in 2013 and would be a good bet for stable employment in the coming years.

Pursuing careers that you can grow in

There is indeed wisdom in the saying that goes like, “every job has its innate problems, the secret therefore to success is pursuing jobs that have problems you want to solve”. Passion remains to be at the center of professional success. Getting a good job on a secured industry (showing promising growth in the coming years) is never enough. You must first of all love what you do. When you do, success in that particular career is not hard to achieve. Get into jobs that you can grow in, jobs that make you eager to work every day, and jobs that complete your life’s goals as you reach retirement. These are careers you would not regret of pursuing throughout your life.

The future of employment

The future of work and employment would see more mismatches in skills with many people not clearly thinking through job prospects while pursuing education and training. The result is that the human resource needs of prosperous industries are not met as the influx of workers has a different skill set and education to what hiring companies are looking for. There is also the risk untapped talent pools in the society. The pursuit for younger, technology savvy workers can easily displace older, but more experienced workers. There are a lot of industries that are wasting a lot of qualified and experienced (therefore trusted) people. The way to go over this is to have a clearer hiring and selection policy that would seek out other key competencies needed in a job.

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The Right Religion: Justifying The Religion We Believe In

The right religion is the one that embraces righteous living over keeping mere rituals and practices. Jesus was very clear when He came down from heaven to live as one of us – what good is religion without grace? What good is the law when we fail to love? What good is religious uprightness when we choose to judge rather than forgive? It is tempting to say there is only one correct religion but to say so would only anger other sects and religions that do not share yours. The right religion therefore must be judged according to its actions. Religion cannot go far from Godly living in fact both should be one.

All religions in the world fell short in the eyes of God


If religion would be the key to go to heaven then Christ, the core of Christian redemption and salvation, came to the world for nothing. No religion can save man. Religious leaders can fail people and churches are just structures no different from a public prison. Therefore the right religion is the one that embraces the inclusive offer of God for salvation. Jesus himself did not come to earth to set up a religion, in fact He came down to destroy one. The debate on which religion is right will never end because every religion would claim they are the right one. Banking on “the” right religion will never be enough but trusting the one who came to rescue mankind from the perils of sin is a sure solution for having eternal life.

The life that we live justify our religion

Having the right religion without the substance of right living is nothing but a stale joke. God is a righteous God and if we say we follow Him and obey His commands (qualifying us as Christians), then we are giving justice to our claim that we have the right religion. We embrace humility, we have the burden for charity, we go for tolerance and forgiveness, and we are inclined to what is good and beautiful. It is very important that religion would spur righteous actions because it is only then that people around us will believe that we have the right religion and that we are serious in making sure we walk our talk.

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